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Small Groups

From infancy to High School – young people are so important to us at Foothills.  Each week hundreds of young people are impacted by the many events, programs and ministries we offer.

If you need assistance deciding which group or ministry best meets your needs call our offices Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (Monday 9am to 2pm).  You can also contact us using our website submission form when the offices are not open and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What Are Small Groups?

A Junior High Small Group is:

5-20 students

2-4 adult leaders



Grouped by existing friendship clusters


A safe and fun place that welcomes every student


Small Groups offer:

Loving and caring adult relationships

Positive peer friendships

Biblical answers

Worship experiences

Prayer for and with others

A chance to receive Christ


Why Small Groups?

Small groups:

  • Neutralize the two greatest barriers to youth ministry.
    • Conformity to peer standards
    • Obsession with the opposite sex
  • Give everyone a place to belong and feel accepted.
    • Quiet students share
    • Absent students are missed
  • Work with friendship clusters not against them.
  • Provide support structure for newborn Christians.
  • Allow young people caring adult relationships, feedback and council.
  • Provide adults an entry point for real ministry into student life.


Which Small Group?

Small groups are made up of students of the same grade and gender. New students are free to join whichever small group (appropriate to their age and gender) that they choose. Generally on their first night, we will have a student choose which group to visit based on whichever group’s event appeals to them. Once they’ve chosen a group, our goal is that students will connect with the students and leaders in that group, remain with them through junior high, and then move up to high school with them.

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